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2016 EU referendum conversation on Twitter

The #EURef Data Hub shows what's driving discussion throughout the campaign, answering that important question: How is it changing over time?

All the terms and categories for this dashboard have been refined by PA in conjunction with Twitter.

Remain vs Leave: Which campaign is most talked about? The % share of tweets about the EU referendum sent in an hourly period that relate to the Leave or Remain campaigns, gathered since 19th April. This chart excludes tweets which do not clearly reference one campaign or stance.

This graph measures the share of tweets that reference either the Remain or Leave campaigns. A tweet does not necessarily need to show support for a campaign to be included in either category.

How has conversation about the EU referendum changed over time? This graph measures the average volume of tweets about the EU referendum sent over an hourly period, and compares it to the average volume gathered on the 15th of April. The average volume is scaled to 100, meaning a value of 150 would indicate the number of tweets sent is 50% higher than it was on the first day of the campaign.

Indexed against the first day of official campaign

This graph measures the percentage of tweets being posted in relation to an average volume indicator set by data collected on the 15th of April, represented by the straight line across the graph.

The black line represents the whole conversation regarding the referendum including those tweets that neither mention Remain or Leave.

David Cameron vs Boris Johnson: Who’s the most talked about? The % share of tweets about the EU referendum sent in an hourly period since the 19th April. Volume of conversation is not necessarily an indicator of support as tweets may be positive, negative or neutral.

This graph shows changes in the volume of tweets about the EU referendum which reference two of the most high-profile politicians on the campaign, David Cameron and Boris Johnson.